Deden Fathurrahman, mostly known as "fathurisi". A freelance graphic designer who worked a "left-side brain" job in a Telecommunication Company. Founder of Mukaku - face portraits. Since i was ever being 6th of 7 members of sisters and brothers mixed Sundanese and Aceher ethnicity, then i am now being called “so-last-kid-former-undo one”, after the lose of my younger sister. I am also (described as) a visionary oriented student in one of State University in Surabaya at the present.

Basically, as like as the color harmony in this very page, my actual life could be seen as like something formal and superficial but at the same time is raging and colorfully exciting in fact. According to typical form of my design works which is mostly constructive, it's clear also that I am a systematic but phylosophist thinker.

2013 – Present

  • Teacher, Tutor for Art / Graphic Design Preparation, Artmagic Studio, Surabaya


  • Intern Colorist / Illustrator, Caravan Studio, Jakarta
  • Intern Graphic Designer, Roundbox Communication, Jakarta
  • Junior Graphic Designer, Graphichapter - Integrated Visual Communication Partner, Surabaya


  • Freelance Creative Consultant, Baum - Design Bureau, Surabaya
  • Teacher, Sketch: Visual & Design tutoring, Surabaya


  • Editor, Eureka TV ITS, Surabaya
  • Training participant, Deteksi Jawapos Newspaper, Surabaya

2009 – Present

Founder, Mukaku - face portraits, Jakarta, 2009

Student of Visual Communication Design Study Program, Majoring in Industrial Product Design , FTSP,Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya, 2009

  • "Supertrap - Character Design" as  Featured Project, Student Show - Behance Network, 2013
  • Most Favourite, Poster Design Competition, Gunnebo Indonesia & Binus Center, Jakarta, 2012
  • 1st winner, Poster Design Competition, Peksiminas (National Student Art Week) in Lombok, July 2012
  • Best of the Best, "Mainanku Kreasiku" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award 2012, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta, May 2012
  • 1st winner, "Mainanku Kreasiku" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award 2012, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta, May 2012
  • Shortlist, "Jiwawaka" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award 2012, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta, May 2012
  • 1st winner, Poster Design Competition, Peksiminal (Regional Student Art Week) in East JavaMay 2012goes to Peksiminas (National Student Art Week) in Lombok, July 2012
  • 2nd winner, Business Poster Competition, "Mukaku" as Best Seller Product, MYM Conference, Jakarta, 2012
  • 2nd winner, Comic/ Caricature Competition, ITB Fair 2012, Bandung, 2012
  • "Nonton Film Sedih" as 25 Semifinalists, Hellofest 8 - Anima Expo, Jakarta, 2012
  • "Kontras" as Featured Project, Student Show - Behance Network, 2012
  • 2nd winner, Comic Competition, L.A Lights Campus Edutainment, Surabaya, 2011
  • 2nd winner, Poster Design Competition, Postertation Planologi ITS, Surabaya, 2011
  • Finalist, Game Development Competition, Gemastik 2010, Surabaya
  • 1st winner, Poster Design Competition, PPNS ITS, Surabaya

2008 – 2009   

Technical Support & Network Engineer, Sistelindo: AT&T Global Network Service, Jakarta

Student, Villa Merah: Visual art & Design tutoring, Jakarta

  • 1st winner of Comic Competition, Gelar Jepang 2009, Universitas Indonesia, Depok
  • 1st winner, Wallpaper Design Competition, Festi-File, Bina  Nusantara University, 2008, Jakarta

2005 – 2008   

Student,  Radio Network Access Engineering, Telkom Sandhy Putra Vocational School, Jakarta

  • 1st winner, DDR competition, Gelar Jepang 13,Universitas Indonesia
  • Elder, Wall Magazine Telkom Shandy Putra Jakarta
  • 3rd winner, Web Design Competition
  • 2nd winner, Caligraphy Competition
  • Participant, Comic Competition & Workshop,Komikasia 2005, UBM & ITB, Jakarta

2002 – 2005

Student, Islamic State Junior High School 3, Jakarta

  • 1st winner, Caligraphy Competition
  • Supporting Cast for live theater “Cairan Perempuan”, Teater Bejana, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta


1996 – 2002   

Student, State Elementary School - Kp. Utan I Tangerang

  •  2nd winner, Drawing Competition,
  • 3rd winner, Painting Competition, Ciputat District

May 31, 1990

Human, Earth Resident



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